Bedlington Colliery Methodist Church
Reflection Space
A Quiet place
Lord, help me find a quiet place
away from all stress,
Slow me down, so I can breath deep,
Let my mind relax into a purr,
Like a cat curled and content.
Lord, help me unwind after a busy day
Safe in the knowledge that you are here ,
Protecting me, loving me.
And in the silence of your love
Help me to rest in a quiet place
That is ours alone.

Gloria Ambrose.

River Blyth at the Free Woods
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They looked at him...
as he hung before them on a cross of wood.
They looked at him...
all he said and all he did they never understood.
They looked at him...
and they thought they saw a man who deserved to die.
They looked at him...
mocked and ridiculed him, and never wondered why.

They laughed at him...
and all he'd ever done was make people free.
They laughed at him...
and forgot he cured the lame and made blind people see.
They laughed at him...
as silently he bore their hate and spoke forgiveness to their sin.
They laughed at him...
and all he ever gave was love to comfort every pain.

He looked at them...
and he saw children fighting in the bewilderment of fear.
He looked at them...
and his love cried out to them but they could not, would not hear.
He looked at them...
and, unseen, the Father's forgiveness touched their hate-filled minds.
He looked at them...
received their fear and hate and sin...  and killed it as he died.

But now he lives!
And still his heart beats with love.

Not if his people listen, really listen… then think, speak, act, live his love.